Civil Engineer

Department: Project Management
Function: Submittal Review/Tracking/Project Admin
Supervisor: Senior Project Manager
Job Title: Civil/Project Engineer
FLSA Status: Exempt
Date Created/Updated: January 14, 2015
Pay Grade: Unspecified
Reviewed By: Salome Wessling

Primary Purpose:

Provide assistance in the overall management of assigned projects in conjunction with the assigned project manager. The project engineer will work directly under the project manager.

Major Duties and Responsibilities/Accountabilities
  1. Assist Project Manager in providing management oversight for all phases of the project including coordination of workers, materials, and equipment.
  2. Ensure that specifications are being followed and work is proceeding on schedule and within budget.
  3. Effectively apply and enforce company project control systems and ensure project documentation is maintained in accordance with company procedures. 
  4. Work closely with senior management, staff, employees, department heads, supervisors and the public to implement goals and objects to resolve conflicts and ensure efficient operation of area.
  5. Compose correspondence and accurate reports with little guidance and direction. 
  6. Fulfill and assist in the Quality Control Manager position. 
  7. Create, submit and track government submittals in an efficient manner per company and government provided templates and specifications. 
  8. Maintain a positive working relationship with clients/owners and subcontractors that represents P&S Construction, Inc. in a professional and positive manner and that benefits and helps in the successful completion of the project. 
  9. Participate in marketing, estimating, bidding and contract negotiations of assigned projects 
  10. Review and approve invoices and subcontractor payment applications. 
  11. Submit requisitions for payment to the client/owner on behalf of P&S Construction, Inc.  
  12. Perform timely pricing, approval and execution of the change order management process. 
  13. Complete other duties as assigned.  

Minimum Requirements: 
  1. Thorough knowledge of contract plans, specifications and addendums 
  2. Time Management 
  3. Problem Solving Capabilities 
  4. Analytical Thinker 
  5. Interpersonal Skills 
  6. Proficient in Microsoft Office with other basic computer knowledge 
  7. Sound Decision Maker 
  8. Demonstrate Ability to Multi-Task 
  9. Team Orientated
  1. 1-3 years minimum experience 
  2. Experience on federally funded projects preferred
  1. College degree engineering or related field preferred 
  2. USACE CQM Certificate preferred
Working Condition
  • Fast paced work environment
  • Work in conjunction with project teams

Other Requirements
  • International travel required

IT Engineer/Manager

Department:  IT
Function: Computer/Database
Supervisor: IT Job
Title: IT Engineer/Manager
FLSA Status: Exempt
Date Created/Updated: January 14, 2015
Pay Grade: Unspecified
Reviewed By: Salome Wessling 

Primary Purpose

The Information Technology Manager is responsible for installing and maintaining Computer/Database systems and developing the required programs. 

Major Duties and Responsibilities/Accountabilities
  1. Manage Computer/Database systems 
  2. Develop & Manage Project Schedule 
  3. Ensure technology is accessible and equipped with current hardware and software 
  4. Provide orientation to new users of existing technology   
  5. Train staff about potential uses of existing technology  
  6. Troubleshoot all technology issues  
  7. Provide network access to all staff as required.  
  8. Provide individual training and support on request  
  9. Perform other Development and system related duties as required

Minimum Requirements:
  1. Analytical and problem solving skills  
  2. Decision making skills  
  3. Effective verbal, presentation and listening - communications skills  
  1. Computer software systems and Development Programs  
  2. Computer viruses and security  
  3. E-mail and internet programs  
  4. Computer troubleshooting  
  5. Database Administration  
  1. 3  years minimum experience 
  1. Bachelor’s  degree in Information Technology 
Working Conditions
  • Fast paced work environment 
  • Work in conjunction with project teams