IT Engineer/Manager

Department:  IT
Function: Computer/Database
Supervisor: IT Job
Title: IT Engineer/Manager
FLSA Status: Exempt
Date Created/Updated: January 14, 2015
Pay Grade: Unspecified
Reviewed By: Salome Wessling 

Primary Purpose

The Information Technology Manager is responsible for installing and maintaining Computer/Database systems and developing the required programs. 

Major Duties and Responsibilities/Accountabilities
  1. Manage Computer/Database systems 
  2. Develop & Manage Project Schedule 
  3. Ensure technology is accessible and equipped with current hardware and software 
  4. Provide orientation to new users of existing technology   
  5. Train staff about potential uses of existing technology  
  6. Troubleshoot all technology issues  
  7. Provide network access to all staff as required.  
  8. Provide individual training and support on request  
  9. Perform other Development and system related duties as required

Minimum Requirements:
  1. Analytical and problem solving skills  
  2. Decision making skills  
  3. Effective verbal, presentation and listening - communications skills  
  1. Computer software systems and Development Programs  
  2. Computer viruses and security  
  3. E-mail and internet programs  
  4. Computer troubleshooting  
  5. Database Administration  
  1. 3  years minimum experience 
  1. Bachelor’s  degree in Information Technology 
Working Conditions
  • Fast paced work environment 
  • Work in conjunction with project teams

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