LEED | White Moutains Administrative Complex

White Mountains Administrative Complex, Campton, NH
With the first week of fall upon us, I always remember when P&S Construction went to the ribbon cutting ceremony in Campton, NH for the White Mountains Administrative Complex project. It was late September 2009 and it was the most ideal time to travel to northern New Hampshire and see the beautiful foliage and to celebrate the hard work and ultimate success of the Administrative Complex project.

What makes this building a standout in P&S Construction’s portfolio is the the massive steel structure frame, the 16 ft high concrete foundation, the beautiful and intricate wood work throughout the facility and the commitment the USDA/ Forest Services went to incorporate groundbreaking sustainable design and construction features.

P&S Construction was more than willing to assist the USDA/UFS in reaching their LEED® goals and in process wanted to learn of the latest sustainability methodologies and practices to later us in future projects.

The P&S Construction and USDA/UFS Team made great strides in their sustainable commitment and the effort and dedication paid off – the White Mountains Administrative Complex is pending LEED® Gold certification.
Clivus Multrum Composting Toilet System

The USDA/UFS posted a facts sheet on the many sustainable features of the building. The three page feature has great information on the latest green construction practices and has many unique LEED® design features. The best part of the fact sheet are the many sustainable design features that can be easily incorporated into other buildings– pre and post construction – and! - even in your own home!

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