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P&S Construction, Inc. has demonstrated since its inception, our strengths in complex construction, demolition and renovation projects. Understanding the required permitting, safety requirements, particular procedures and regulations required of prime contractors, P&S Construction has built a reputation as knowledgeable, reliable and accountable construction firm.

P&S believes that the one item that sets us apart from the competition is our company philosophy and how that relates to the Design/Build process. P&S has invested in a competent staff including 4 design professionals. With a depth of experience in not only design work, but extensive field work as well, our in-house designers are suited for bridging the gap between the field crews and subcontractors.

This management approach allows for streamlined communication, often cutting out the time delay consistent with standard Contractor/Designer relationships. We've experienced excellent results with incorporating the subcontractors during the design phase. P&S is able to extract from each subcontractor their specific trade experience and in turn provide the Owner a higher grade product with less risk and far less constructability issues.

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